Sac Brew Bike

When I first heard bout the brew bike, I thought it sounded kind of dumb. I mean, if I wanted to do a pub crawl bike ride, I could do that any day on my own bike with my fiends. But I kept seeing it around town, lights flashing, music booming, filled with people laughing and looking like they were having a grand time. So when it was suggested to some friends at a birthday party, they agreed. So we decided to go for it… and it was a total gas!  

We picked the three hour ride that began at 6:00pm. With our paty of six was a birthday party that filled out the remainder of the seats (15 seats total, with a rear seat that does not cycle and seats three). Meeting at the “headquarters” on 19th between O and P, we quickly selected seats and I plugged in my iPhone to deejay, starting us off with some Taylor Swift. As we started pedaling down 19th, the sing-along to TSwift began and I kind of felt like I was in Spin class! 

Our first stop was The Federalist. I love this place! The owners re-purposed shipping containers into something quite lovely! Their tile pizza oven never stops cooking. The menu also includes brunch options. Bocce ball goes on along the side, and there is plenty of seating under the shipping container ceiling. Ceiing fans keep you cool, and you can also watch the game while you sip your Mason jar of beer.

Next up was Der Biergarten, also made from shipping containers, although there, you sit outside on picnic style benches under large sun umbrellas sporting the names of various international beers. Done up in authentic(ish) German biergarten style (if you’ve never been to a Biergarten in Germany, it’ll suffice), so bring your pup here and enjoy a beautiful day! Cornhole is the main attraction here… no, it’s the pretzel. Yes, definitely the pretzel. You’ll be missing out on something amazing if you miss the pretzel. It’s a thing of beauty. 

The final stop was Tank House. This place boasts BBQ, including what they call Dirty Tots. This is from the imagination of some mad foodie genius. Crunchy on the outside, perfect-in-the-middle tater tots are topped with pulled pork, cheese, and gravy. Be sure to not have a cholesterol test scheduled that day. 

The final step is making it back to a spot that’s convenient for the driver to take the bikes back to their sleeping place for the night. 

Things to know: Seats are adjustable. Be sure to fully engage the cotter pin and buckle in. There is storage for your purses and bags. If you want to deejay, sit closest to the driver. Yes, there is a sober driver who steers and brakes the behemoth of a bike. At each stop you have about 40-45 minutes. You still have to purchase your beer at each stop. There is usually a small discount. There is no drinking on the bike itself and it’s a good idea to have some food in your stomach, because you won’t have a lot of time at the stops to have a full meal. Water and Go Girl (they’re a sponsor) are available. Tips for the driver are appreciated. Your sit bones will be sore the next day!

Overall, I think it’s worth it! Lots of fun meeting new people, hanging with your friends, and doing somethig different. 

In addition to Sac Brew Bike is Off the Chain, which, from what I can gather, is a fully chartered, motorized bike that caters to your desires and itinerary… I’m anxious to try that one next!


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