Sac Beer Week, No. 2

Ahhhh… beer. So my second day of experiencing Sac Beer Week took me to Rocklin and a visit to Out of Bounds Brewery. A tad off that grid? Yes, but who cares?! It’s Beer Week!

My good friend and colleague appreciates this place, and when I saw that Cousins Maine Lobster truck was going to be there, the deal was completely sealed.

OOB Cousins

Lobstah rolls fah dayyyys! Not just lobster rolls, but an amazing clam chowder, lobster tacos, quesadillas, and more. But one of my favorite items turned out to be the lobster tots. Yes, you read that right. LOBSTER TOTS. Sorry I didn’t have time to snap a photo before they disappeared into thin air. Honestly, I have no idea where they went.

OOB glasses

This was a delicious grapefruit IPA and their chocolate cherry milk stout. I also had the brobdingnagian “the Brob” oaked strong ale, and their vanilla porter. I immensely enjoyed them all. In fact, I am discovering a change in my palate from light pilsners to dark and stormy brews.

The other great thing about this place is that it has a wonderful space in the back where you can play ping pong, foosball, or corn hole.

So, next up will be New Glory on Wednesday… and the same food truck! I will try to remember to get some photos of it this time. (FYI, New Glory is usually closed Wednesday, but is open for Beer Week. Thursday night trivia is also a blast.)


Sac Beer Week, No. 1

I love a good beer. And I love good food. So what happens when you put an entire week and a half together of both? My head exploding, that’s what.

We in Sacramento seem to enjoy these themed weeks: Restaurant Week, Dine Downtown, Beer Week. I love them all!

The first unofficial stop I made was Friday night at Revolution Wines, but no beer was consumed, so I’ll skip that one.

The first official stop was BarWest’s patio for some Lagunitas. Now, if you know me, you’ll know how much this place IS NOT my scene; its nickname is “BroWest,” and I wouldn’t be caught dead there after dark. However, when they tell me they’re going to donate a dollar from every sale of Lagunitas to the Front Street Animal Shelter, and there will be some doggies on the patio… well, I have to go. Unfortunately I missed the pups, but I still got some drinks and my first food of the day (so what if it was 4:30?!): chili cheese tater tots.


Stop number 2: Der Biergarten. I was in the mood for some pretzels and this is THE spot for one. Sorry I don’t have a photo; I was too excited to stuff my face with one to remember to snap a pic. Guess you’ll just have to go there yourselves!

On the docket was a delicious stout, followed by a Weihenstephaner. Pictured here in the middle, like a tall tower of goodness, is their signature mix of grapefruit lager with cider on top. Kind of like a Maraschino cherry on top, but without the formaldehyde.

Biergarten Beer Week 2016

To close out the night… The Rind. It was either this or Broderick. The latter had a half hour wait, while The Rind miraculously had a table for four just sitting there! After some perusal of the menu, I settled on their beer flight with accompanying cheeses.

Rind Beer Week 2016

As always, The Rind didn’t disappoint. The three beers were delicious and expertly paired with the cheese. For the life of me, I can’t remember what they were, other than the first one was like eating coconut cheese, the second one was a creamy Brie-ish number, and the third was a smoked cheddar. Beer and cheese make awesome bedfellows!

The Rind cheeses

Stay tuned for more Beer Week adventures! I’m heading to Rocklin to check out Out of Bounds Brewery and Cousins Maine Lobster food truck, followed by more fun later this week!