Hilltop Tavern

Ahhhhh, Hilltop. What can I say about this place, other than it is a great “dive” bar? I whiled away many an hour here decompressing from the onslaught of literary theory and books filled with words that made their way into casual conversation NEVER. Hilltop has the feel of a classic, comfortable dive bar you might find in any town or city. It’s a place filled with strong drinks, and strong personalitied regulars. It’s where you just might find that one guy the bartenders know well for whom they have the cab company on speed dial. But you also may find the chef of one of the area’s most popular eateries.

Located right across the street from One Speed, Waterboy’s Rick Mahan’s pizza restaurant, it’s a great place to go when there’s a wait at the aforementioned, or to run for a gin and tonic after filling yourself with delicious doughy delicacies, also at the aforementioned!

That is just what I did one night… okay, and on an afternoon. But anyway, not only is the actual bar a great place to hang out, but the other half of the room contains two pool tables that convert into ping pong, plus two dart boards and a large golf arcade game. While always advisable to bring your own darts, they do have a set or two you can use.

There is no food to be had here, other than chips and maybe a beef sausage stick or two. But that’s not why you’re here… You’re here for the atmosphere, maybe the games, and definitely the drinks.

I always enjoy myself when I go there, whether it’s for a quick drink or an afternoon of fun with friends.

Hilltop darts   Hilltop Pool


Hilltop Tavern:
4757 Folsom Blvd
Sacramento, CA