The Shack

Arguably, summer has arrived in Sacramento. With temps in the upper 70s to 80s, the time has come when we start biking everywhere, sit outside, picnic and enjoy the weather before the dead of summer hits and it’s too hot to do anything but sit inside someplace air conditioned. On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, I met some friends for brunch at The Shack. Having driven past many times, but never been there, I was excited to check it out. The Shack boasts an incredibly impressive beer selection, from cherry ciders, lambics and the like, to medium bodied beers, to dark and nutty… from Belgium, to the US, to ?? This is a beer drinker’s heaven. I know they have wine, too, but I’m not sure what that list looks like.

Located a few yards away from Trader Joe’s on Folsom Boulevard, this East Sacramento hotspot is a regular stop for folks on that side of town. But it’s also very bikeable. Their bike racks are always full with those seeking hoppy libations.

But the best part of The Shack? Its incredible patio. There is a large patio with heavy wood picnic-style tables in the front of the restaurant…


The front patio

..and even more space along the side.


Side patio

Some folks were asking about dog-friendly patios in the Sacramento area… and The Shack is one of the best places. In the two and a half hours I was there, I saw about eight dogs enjoying the beautiful day with their people. Labs, golden retrievers, a shih-tzu, and several others. The Shack keeps several dog bowls next to a hose bib right outside their front door, so you immediately know this is a place where Scooby is just as welcome as Shaggy!


The Shack has a nice selection of breakfast items, including omelets, benedicts, waffles, sandwiches, and salads. It’s an all-inclusive menu with something for everyone… even a vegan! I, however, am not vegan, and ordered the veggie benedict, aka the Jenny Bene. I am rather particular about how my eggs are poached and these were just right. Cooked just enough so that the egg whites weren’t runny on the inside, but not too much that the yolks were hard at all. These expertly poached eggs were atop spinach on an English muffin. The hollandaise sauce, which I always get on the side, was a lighter, lemony sauce that was really delicious. The potatoes were classic breakfast potatoes.


Veggie benedict

The other item was “The Veg.” Pesto cream cheese, cucumber, avocado, lettuce, tomato, and onion usually on toasted whole wheat, although this version is on toasted sour dough.


“The Veg” sandwich

Now onto the beer! I wanted a hard apple cider, but there wasn’t anything available that day, so the server brought out this extremely unique beer. It was sweet, sour, and totally unique. I initially balked at the $8.50 price tag, but  it is worth every penny.


My second beer…


I had told the server I liked lighter ales, Belgian whites, and pilsners. After she (Charlie, and she’s awesome) gave her recommendations, all of which I had already tried, I asked her to surprise me. The Fin du Monde was floral, a little bit sweet, and a nice way to close out brunch.

Bottom line, The Shack is a great place to hang out with your friends over a leisurely meal, whether it’s comprised of food, or just the liquid kind, and has better than average fare for a beer garden, an amazing selection of beer, super friendly staff, and lots of fun events for the beer lover, the dog lover, and the lover of life! I am very excited to go back!


Front door

Overall: 4.5/5
Service: 4/5
Price: $$/$$$$

The Shack
5201 Folsom Boulevard
(East) Sacramento, CA  95819


Monday 11am-3pm
Tuesday through Friday 11am-9pm
Saturday and Sunday Brunch 8am-3pm



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